Glenwood Chess Club 



Donations are important to our programs!

Education and Instruction

We plan to offer scholastic scholarships for K – 12thgrade students. We will support student development at all levels from beginning players to expert level players.  We plan on maximizing the number of students taught by providing them with quality instruction from qualified instructors.  Our vision is for students to use our programs to become eligible for college scholarships.  We also would like to sponsor our scholastic members to compete in local and national tournaments.


We need laptops, Ipads, and computers for  individual and group instruction. Without it we will be limited in how many students we can teach at a time. We use software including “Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition”.  We plan to use “Chess Magnet School” in the future when we are able to expand our instructional programs.

Nightly Refreshments

Every Tuesday and Thursday hot dogs, potato chips, cookies, and  fruit are provided for refreshments. If you feel guilty because you stuffed more than your fair share of hot dogs during chess meetings  you have a way to redeem yourself. As a guide it is suggested to donate  about $1.50 to $2.00 for every meeting you attend.





Address: The Blakey Center 1 South Rebecca St. Glenwood IL 60425.

Phone:(312) 925-9447


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