Glenwood Chess Club 


South Suburban Chess Wars VII

  • November 07, 2015
  • 9:00 AM
  • The Blakey Center


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South Suburban Chess Wars VII 

When: November 7, 2015

Where: Glenwood Chess Center @1 South Rebecca Street, Glenwood Il. 60425. (Wheelchair Accessible)

Category: Open Tournaments (See ICA Listings)

Tournament will be held at “the Glenwood Chess Center @1 South Rebecca Street, Glenwood Il. 60425.

Open to USCF Players. (Limited to a Maximum Capacity of 50 players) USCF Membership is required. Memberships are available at site or at Players under 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

EF: $30.00, $40.00 on day of tournament

Time Limits: 4SS, G 40/ d5.

RDS: 1st at 9:15 am, then TBA (Pairings will be as soon as possible after a round ends)

Lunch Break: After Round 2.

Please bring chess clocks. (Bringing Boards/Pieces Optional)

Prizes:  $100, $60, $40, Trophies 4th- 5th, Ribbons, 6th-10th Place b/ 12 players. Note: Trophies and Ribbons are for players that do not win a monetary prize. Upset Prize: “Trophy” (Prizefund will be increased for every player over 12!)

Tie Breaks: Standard Tie Break System

All Chess Wars tournaments will now be Published on the ICA/ ISCA, (Indiana) Websites in Club News and in the Chicago Tribune’s Tinley Park, Post Tribune and Daily Southtown On Line Newspapers. All winners will be listed. TD(s) may publish the top 3 winners photos in the publications listed above. Winners can also opt out of photograph publication.

Registration: 1.Email- send Name, USCF#, Expiration Date, Phone Number (optional) and Rating to: 2. By phone: 708-333-4298 and leave the above information, and E-Mail . 3. Registration @ www.   Note: TD reserves the right to cancel the tournament, if there are less than 12 entrants!

Tournament Day Registration and Payments: 8-8:45am. Payments by Cash or Check.

Concessions: Snacks and Refreshments will be available on site. Bottled water will be complimentary.

For questions or to obtain total # of entrants, contact Dr. Orlan Smith, PhD, at 708-333-4298, or via Email (Glenwood Chess Club Secretary)       Chief TD: Len Weber


Address: The Blakey Center 1 South Rebecca St. Glenwood IL 60425.

Phone:(312) 925-9447


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